At BOCO we understand that having an airline might imply not being able to serve some of the classic drinks one might fancy in land. Serving traditional cocktails in-flight can be impractical due to logistical constraints

That is why we offer our premium, hand-crafted bottled cocktails – perfect solution so your guests can experience  high-quality products from up in the sky whilst reducing the costs of  your goods and services.

Imagine your guests enjoying high-quality cocktails crafted with care, even at 30,000 feet. Our bottled cocktails ensure that airline passengers can indulge in their favourite drinks without compromising on taste or freshness. We offer a range of nine classic cocktail options, meticulously prepared to cater to various tastes and preferences.

Allowing BOCO to supply your cocktails offers an easy flowing process, enhancing your operational flow. Not only will this increase your revenue but it will also preserve an elegant and top-notch customer experience. By partnering with BOCO, you guarantee a consistent, high-quality service that delights your guests and optimizes your business performance.

Abheben mit Bottled Cocktails.