Frequently Asked Questions.

BOCOs are classic cocktails that are meticulously handcrafted and bottled. Simply pour it chilled and enjoy.

More than 4 years of development flow into the manufacturing process. Based on the process used in your favorite cocktail bar, each BOCO is mixed with the appropriate stirrer and diluted with special water. This not only creates the exact liquid that is served in a cocktail bar, but a better version of it. All this happens under the strictest hygiene regulations and is filled in the clean room. Our cocktails have no best-before date and are consistent in quality and taste.

Simply focus on the QR code on the side of the bottle with the smartphone's camera app open and open the link shown.

Most classic recipes add up to around 90ml. With a 100ml flacon you have a little more than one cocktail and with 350ml exactly 4 cocktails.

All BOCOS are crowd-pleasers, not too strong but not too weak either. Each embodies the characteristics of the classic recipe with the idea of creating a version that allows both connoisseurs and cocktail beginners to experience a very special taste experience. From dry serious to fruity sweet, everything is included. The bottle states how strong, sour, sweet and bitter a BOCO recipe is.

Most people think of extremely strong cocktails when they think of so-called old English cocktails. It is the art of mixing the most diverse ingredients to create a taste ensemble in which the alcohol mainly acts as a flavor carrier and is not the focus. This is exactly what we have achieved with our BOCOs.