BOCO is the ultimate pleasure in practical bottles, which is made by hand with only selected ingredients according to classic recipes, as is customary in a real cocktail bar, stirred or shaken. Due to the production without additives, our Bottled Cocktails also have no expiry date and can be enjoyed at any time without hesitation.

With handpicked ingredients…
perfectly matched to classic recipes.

In addition to our luxury line COCKTALE, BOCO is the only company in which bottled cocktails are made by hand by the physicist and passionate bartender Ludwig and the certified mixologist Christian.

stirred by hand..
or shaken.

BOCO produces eight high-quality bottled cocktails with handpicked spirits in practical bottles of various sizes. The bottled cocktails taste very elegantly balanced and convince everyone who is allowed to enjoy them.

A perfect treat with ice cream..
as well as without ice.

The label design deliberately reflects the quintessence of the bar with its social and emotional environment. Concise short stories on the sides of each BOCO mimic stimulating bar conversation. To create a bar atmosphere everywhere, every BOCO has a Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music playlist. These reflect the characters of the BOCOs: Espresso Martini with Oldies, Daiquiri with Cuban Nights, Negroni with Italian Hits, Old Fashioned with Big Band and many more. But find out for yourself.