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BOCO ist immer eine großartige Wahl

We are proud partners with leading hospitality ventures to deliver a unique and unparalleled experience with our bottled cocktails. Crafted expertly and meticulously in the heart of Munich, our cocktails embody the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Our cocktails are ready to serve, bringing ease and sophistication to any setting.

With a dedication to excellence, we aim to elevate the cocktail experience, making it both an accessible and extraordinary experience for every occasion.

Elevate every occasion with our exceptional artisan bottled cocktails – whether it’s for for minibars, in-room dining, yachts, airplanes, events, tastings, caterings, and unforgettable gifts, our cocktails are the perfect choice to enhance the atmosphere.

By introducing our bottled cocktails, you streamline your service, ensuring perfect guest experiences with ease. Our products allow you to simplify operations and maintain the highest standards without the need for specialized staff, making it easier than ever to offer premium beverages. Each bottle represents a commitment to quality and excellence, providing a seamless solution for all your hospitality needs.

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