about us

We, that is Christian and Ludwig. We started our journey into the world of bottled cocktails 4 years ago. In 2018 we founded COCKTALE, a brand for 5-star hotels, their minibars, in-room dining (room service) and VIP amenity program.

Our partners:

We quickly realized that there was also great potential for design hotels, companies and private end consumers.

Ludwig, who studied physics and computer science, then opened a cocktail bar in the heart of Munich and Christian, who has gained experience in luxury hotels worldwide. 

In 2017 we teamed up with our accumulated knowledge and opened COCKTALE for minibars and in-room dining. With the ulterior motive of having the opportunity to enjoy a perfect cocktail at home, we came up with BOCO (Bottled Cocktails).

BOCO combines the knowledge, the perfect ingredients and the optimal atmosphere for a perfect BOCO moment at home.